70 Healthy Dinner Recipes That Definitely Don’t Skimp on Flavor

italian marinated chicken

Throwing on a pot of mac ‘n’ cheese or grilling up a juicy steak are pretty incredible ways to get dinner on the table — but trying to incorporate more whole grains and veggies in that p.m. meal? That can be tricky. No fear: We rounded up our best healthy dinner recipes so you’ll have no shortage of options when it comes to nutritious, delicious and totally satisfying meals.

Whether you and your partner are looking to incorporate more healthy recipes for two in your repertoire or lighten up dinnertime with some low-calorie meals, we’ve got options. Here you’ll find flavorful and nourishing soups, vibrant, hearty salads, healthy chicken dinners, tacos, pasta, rice bowls and so much more. Nothing is off limits!P lus, a lot of these recipes can work if you are looking for a healthier lunch option.

The secret to healthy dinners you’ll actually want to eat? Focus on packing in the produce, especially non-starchy vegetables and fruit rather than reducing portion sizes or cutting out your favorite foods. Opt for whole grains and complex carbohydrates over white refined carbohydrates, as well as low-fat and fat-free dairy, plus lean protein sources (think: fish fillets, chicken breasts, turkey or eggs). Say “yes” to beans, legumes, unsalted nuts, fresh herbs and dry spices.

Many of these meals are made with budget-friendly ingredients like healthy canned foods and frozen vegetables. We also made sure to feature dishes that fit into a variety of diets, which include vegan recipes, vegetarian recipes and gluten-free dinners. They all have one thing in common, though: These recipes make it easy (and tasty!) to eat healthier. Now, who’s hungry!?


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